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  • Fire has always presented a grave threat to people and property. In a tunnel, a fire has the knock-on effect of economic dislocation.

    While repairs to the tunnel are performed, usage is diminished and reputation suffers a blow. Fire Systems Infrastructure optimise the comprehensive fire protection of tunnels, transport and health facilities. We're experts in dry, wet and mist solutions for fire containment. Our service starts with planning consultations and may include contracting for the complete execution of works and the continuing maintenance of the fire system assets.

    Tunnel Fire Protection

    Protecting against fire, smoke and fumes, and heat

    Fire Infrastructure Planning

    Our solutions ensure that fundamental principles of fire protection are not compromised and stringent requirements are met. FSI's holistic approach to every built environment project starts at the drawing board or planning stage. We are partners with national clients in the provision and maintenance of fire assets.

    Fire threatens and kills human beings, destroys huge material assets and also leads to expensive production stoppages and high costs for consequential damage. FSI fire protection systems help to save lives and protect property in the event of fire. These systems guarantee the comprehensive structural fire protection of complex buildings such as transport terminals, hospitals, public buildings, milling and refining facilities.

    Fire Systems

    Fire Safety Consulting

    Fire Safety Engineering

    Fire Safety Engineering

    As tunnels become more common, streamlined cost effective solutions are required to minimise total cost of ownership.

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    Fire Detection Systems

    Fire Detection Systems

    Fast reliable fire detection systems are vital in large infrastructure.

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    Large Evacuation Systems

    Large Evacuation Systems

    Ensuring safe evacuation of patrons, public and staff is paramount in planning large infrastructure.

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    Fire Safety Systems Consulting

    Fire Safety Systems Consulting

    Our approach always maintains the users safety and that of emergency services providers.

    Read More
    Wet System Options

    Wet System Options

    Deluge & Mist systems can both play a part in the future of fire system infrastructure.

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    Fire Safety Products

    Fire Safety Products & Maintenance

    FSI is part of the FSQ Group with national clients maintaining significant fire assets Australia wide.

    Read More

    Please contact our office for an information pack on Tunnel Infrastructure Innovations.


    Years in business

    FSI is part of the FSQ Group which has protected business assets from fire since 2008.



    Fire Systems Infrastructure

    Business activities extend through the whole life cycle of a tunnel. This starts with planning and integration into holistic security concepts and ends up with installation and maintenance of the fire detection and fire fighting system.



    1300 306 498

    Clients We Work With

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